S C O T T   N I C H O L A S   R O B I N S O N

9/12/1970 - 20/01/1997

Scott Nicholas Robinson was born in Adelaide on 9 December 1970 to Mark and Anne Robinson.

He attended Brighton Primary School and then Westminster College.  He spent a year at Adelaide University studying Economics and Philosophy before he transferred to Flinders University to study Medicine and Philosophy.  After graduating he moved to New South Wales and took up a position at Woolongong Hospital.

Scott was very physically active and participated in Nippers Lifesaving, windsurfing, canoeing, scuba diving and fishing (both table and game).  He regularly worked out with weights at the gym but it was board surfing that became his main passion (although home-brewing got in there somewhere!).  However, Coopers Ale was his preferred drop.

Well read in both prose and poetry, Scott "collected" words regularly and marked favourite pages in all his books.  We expected that he would take up writing one day....