I chose The Southern Cross to represent this tribute ride because as a symbol it plays a big part in Australian history and in fact it forms part of our national flag.

It is also a flag of defiance. In 1854 miners rebelling against their unjust treatment on the Ballarat goldfields invoked the Southern Cross as a symbol of freedom against the tyranny of colonial authorities, and of loyalty to the continent of Australia. The British troops slaughtered a whole lot of them but in time their demands for fairness and mining rights were met. This uprising, called the Eureka Stockade uprising, was the first and last time that Australians rose up in rebellion against the government of the day and won. I like it for the fact that it widely symbolises freedom in this country. 

The Southern Cross is the best known and most represented star group in the Southern Hemisphere. The group's distinctive shape is easily located because of its brightness and close proximity to each other. It can be seen all year round from almost anywhere in Australia. The constellation is not visible in the northern hemisphere.


The distance of this first leg from Adelaide to Darwin is 3,029 kilometres (1,882 miles) and return makes a total distance of 6,058 kilometres (3,764 miles).  Read the stories about the run to Darwin from Adelaide here and the return run here published in Heavy Duty Magazine


Departure Date: Left Adelaide Tuesday 3 May 2016 - follow the Itinerary (click here) however as at 14 May we are one day behind schedule.

The distance from Sydney to Perth by road is 3,936 kilometres (2,445 miles), however, given that I am based in Adelaide I first have to ride over to Sydney to begin this second leg. Adelaide to Sydney is some 1,375 kilometres (854 miles) and then obviously I need to return to Adelaide from Perth, a distance of 2,699 kilometres (1,677 miles).  So all up (Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide) makes a total distance of 8,010 kilometres (4,977 miles).